Impossible Project


For the final project, also known as the impossible hack, we were meant to create the wireframe or designs forĀ  product or object that has currently in this day and age, not been invented yet. The idea is to create something that is seemingly possible, but has not been invented. The reason it hasn’t been invented yet could be a result of our modern day technology, the idea is very abstract and wouldn’t actually work in a real life situation, or people haven’t thought about it yet.

For my final project, I invented the Blue chargAIR. In a short version, my product is the first truly wireless phone charger. Unlike today’s modern wireless chargers where you have to have a charging station, or pad to put your phone for it to charge, the Blue chargAIR uses bluetooth to charge your phone. All you have to do is plug in the wall charger into an outlet, plug the lightning chip into your phone then sync the two by holding a blue tooth button on both at the same time. The range of the wireless charging is 15 ft, meaning as long as your phone stays within 15 ft of the wall plug, it will stay charging. The Blue chargAIR is a simple product that will assist many people with their first world problems.

Obviously I didn’t create the product, however, as the project specified, I built a wire frame and design suggesting that this product would be invented shortly. I created a website in which I described how the Blue chargAIR would be built, some pictures of prototypes, and a description of it. I also had a page for reviews where “buyers” could blog about their experience with the Blue chageAIR, and what they thought about it. To help the members of my class conseptualize it and put a picture of what it might look like to the idea, I created a 3d printed version of it. And finally I made a short video, advertising my product.

The impossible hack had two guiding principles built into the project. These guiding principles include that the object or project can’t already exist, and the project must be truly impossible.

To address the first principle, that the project can’t already exist. When I started this project and did a quick environmental scan, I was quite surprised this product didn’t already exist. Sure they have those charging pads and items you can put your phone on for it to charge, but nowhere did I find an actually wireless charger where you could play with your phone and pick it up while it is charging. For the “wireless” charging stations they have now, your phone must be idle and not moving at all for it to charge, but that defeats the whole purpose of having it be wireless. If you can’t move it around, what matter does it make if you plug it in verse setting it on a pad?

So the fact that my seemingly simple idea hadn’t been invented or done before was mind blowing, which lead me to wonder why? Surly I haven’t been the only person to think of this idea. So I researched more into the topic, and I found it is very difficult to actually make this simple idea a reality, which leads me to the next guiding principle: The project must be truly impossible.

Through my researching and looking up how blue tooth actually works, I found that blue tooth works by using radio waves instead of wires or cords to connect different pieces of technology. Blue tooth only works in small distances, but can connect many things, including headsets, smart phones, laptops, speakers, and even cars now. So why couldn’t it be connected to charge a phone? The answer is the radio transmissions blue tooth uses to connect two items. In today’s technology, we don’t have a way to charge phones or anything using radio waves. The only way to charge something, or at least the common way we use, is to use a cord to conduct electricity into the object we are charging. So from the science point of view, my seemingly simple idea, was not a very simple fix, and can be argued to be seemingly impossible.

This idea was inspired by my own struggles with cords, and frustrations with technology. In the beginning I didn’t really think about the theoretical applications that would come with this invention, I only thought about the immediate fix to a problem of mine. The immediate fix to the problem would be to increase my laziness and make your phone even more accessible then before. But as I thought about my product and really just technologies purpose, it became clear to me that technology is here to help people become more lazy. Most inventions are made to make human life easier and less burdensome. Inventions are necessary for human evolution, and to progress as a human race, but will it ever overtake the human race? Will humans eventually make inventions for everything, so there is no longer a reason to move?

That last question may be a bit of a stretch, but I can’t help but think the human race will end up like the people in the movie Wall-e, and my invention would be a small stepping stone in that direction.