Hack #5


Coke Hack

For this Hack the topic was remix. To remix any type of audio, video, or images anyway you wanted, and to so in a transformative way. The way I approached this topic of remixing was through advertisements. I specifically focused on Coca Cola ads, however I really wanted to demonstrate that my remix could truly be done with any advertisements. The main theme of the remix was to show that anyone this day and age can get hacked, even large companies like Coca Cola. I also wanted to incorporate how competitors deal with their competition. As we see through this hack, competitors can deal with their opposition by hacking or remixing their ads or the company themselves to undermine the opposing company.

For my remix, I took Coca Cola ads, and remixed them with Pepsi commercials and advertisements to make it seem like Coca Cola was being hacked by Pepsi. I produced this video using a variety of different tools including some handmade glitch effects, providing the view with very quick glimpses of Pepsi, and also integrating the virtues of both Pepsi and Coca Cola.

To produce the handmade glitch effect, I had to do some serious technological procedures using Adobe Premier. For the specific part I wanted to glitch, I had to create another copy of the clip, overlay it exactly on top of the other clip, then mess with the positions of the overlaying clip. I also had to add a blur effect for every time I move the position of the clip, so the clip would transition cleaner and have more of a mysterious glitch effect. On top of all of this, I also had to overlay a glitch clip. The glitch clip I overlaid was pretty much a short video that was composed of what we think of as a typical glitch. This includes colorful rays of light moving across the screen and a sense of static moving along the clip. Once I combined all these things, the glitch effect was created. I then had to repeat this step many times throughout my remix, to achieve my hacked Coca Cola goal I was hoping to accomplish.

To provide various quick glimpses of Pepsi was also another feat. To achieve this, I had to cut and paste many clips of various Pepsi commercials, cut out their audio, and insert it into the glitch effects I mentioned above. I also had to insert the Pepsi clips into the Coca Cola ads were I felt it fit. This process was highly opinionated, and this is where I was able to express myself during this remix. The decision making that had to be done was a very tedious job, but in the end I definitely think it was worth it for the outcome.

The next part I incorporated into the remix was integrating the virtues and mottos of both Pepsi and Coca Cola. I specifically wanted to compare and contrast the difference between the two companies in this area because honestly, they aren’t that much different. Pepsi’s motto is “Live for Now”, while Coca Cola’s motto is “Taste the feeling”. Both mottos are specific to their own company and they create advertisements around these mottos to epitomize what they want their consumers to think while drinking their product.

With Pepsi’s motto of “Live for Now”, we see that they want their consumers to live in the moment and truly enjoy the Pepsi they are drinking. I also think Pepsi wants their consumers to not only live in the moment while drinking their product, but also live in the moment in their actual lives. People respond better to companies that are invested in their lives and how they are doing personally, and I believe Pepsi nails it with this motto. They are speaking not only about their drink, but also they also relate their motto on a more personal level. This as a result causes consumers to stay loyal and even hopefully convince some Coca Cola fans to join their boat.

The Coca Cola motto of “Taste the Feeling” is also chalked up with personal life style as well as directly relating it back to the drink they are offering their consumers. Similar to Pepsi’s motto, Coca Cola wants their consumers to enjoy the taste of Coca Cola. By using the word taste, Coca Cola has manipulated us to look for this taste, savor it, and truly think about it. By using the word feeling, Coca Cola has speaks to us on a more personal level, just like Pepsi’s motto. With the motto “Taste the Feeling”, Coca Cola individually speaks to each consumer personally and almost asks them to share the “Taste” of the “Feeling” with the Coca Cola company themselves. The motto makes it seem like they would like to sit down and drink a Coke with you. This concept of connectedness and unity speaks to Coca Cola’s customers and creates a bond between the two.

The commercials I used in this production were all from different time periods, the first from 2016, second from 2013, and the third from 1971. I did this on purpose to provide a sense of going back in time throughout the film. And as we back tracked further and further in time, the amount of hacking and glitching decreased because hacking\glitching wasn’t as big of a thing at that time. As I also ordered the Coca Cola commercials to be in decreasing time periods, I also ordered the Pepsi commercials to be in increasing time periods. For example, the Pepsi commercials in the beginning were from the old days, and an older era, however, as time went on and the Coca Cola commercials went backwards in time, the Pepsi commercials became more and more recent. The purpose of crossing the commercials so much was to create a bigger contrast between the two companies. When one rises and gets newer, the other falls and gets older and viscera.

Now, part of the project was to follow a list of four rules, these rules include :

  1. Your source material must come from at least three distinct time periods(for example, textual documents from the Civil War, film footage from the 1950s,  and video game music from the current decade)
  2. Your remix must incorporate at least four different sources from at least three different media types(video, images, sound, text, etc.)
  3. Your remix should be about something, other than itself. That is, it must speak to, explore, comment upon, or critique some enduring or contemporary cultural concern. The best remixes will be those that move beyond satire or parody.
  4. Your remix must break one of these rules, but only with deliberate and well-defended justification.

With all of these rules, the last rule was to break one of them. I followed the first rule, and had multiple commercials from various different time periods. These time periods were relative to Coca Cola and their company, however, they were still time periods within the Coca Cola history. I followed the second rule and incorporated more than four sources including commercials, images, audio bits. This rule was the key to my success in this hack, for it allowed me to glitch the sources I found. I followed the third rule and made my remix about something other than itself. With the depth of detail I went into with Coca Cola vs. Pepsi mottos, and how they truly aren’t very different, I made my remix about something. I also meant to make my remix about hacking and glitching, which is a common theme for our class. In today’s society, glitching and hacking are common terms, and it can truly happen to anyone.

Even the best advertisements and commercials can be hacked to say advertise something else. And although there is an underlying truth and message behind this remix, I truly had fun with this project and made the remix just using my gut feeling and where I thought various pieces of the videos, audios and images would go. I wanted  the remix to be a free flowing remix that more or less told a story. The story meant to take us through each individual coke ad and display that they were getting hacked. Slowly but surely, the hacking got worse and worse, which eventually ended in a machine voice saying that Pepsi is the way to go. The machine then shuts down, reboots and continues on with the Coca Cola commercial. However, again, at the very end of the remix, Pepsi sneaks one more glitch into the Coca Cola ad, signifying that it is impossible to keep things original and untouched if someone wants to hack it.

And, obviously I followed the fourth rule, by breaking the fourth rule.

By following these four rules, inserting my own unique design decisions and incorporating two very competitive popular companies, my “Coca Cola hacked” remix was created.