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Circuit Playground Thoughts

To me this project reminded me of arts and crafts for adults. We were able to play with code as well as physical objects, phenomena’s and real world applications, and apply it to the digital realm through this circuit playground. However, unlike during our childhood days where we wanted our arts and crafts to perform some type of function or have some sort of sentimental value (ex. picture frame for mom’s birthday, magic wand, balloon animal), this hack incorporated a theoretical aspect, and made us think more about the world around us. We didn’t create our hack in the hopes of it performing a task, instead, we made these hacks to invoke thought and help the users question our world around us. This was accomplished a variety of ways including my hack, a split personality teddy bear, to a Doppler Effect simulator. ┬áBoth projects invoked thought about how the world works and ultimately to challenge the way we see the world.